The MAE Corporation USA Client Policies & Procedures Agreement is created for all New & Current Clients or Customers for the purpose of understanding procedures related to doing business with , or buying products and services from, any or all divisions and subsidiaries of the MAE Corporation USA.  Each description is detailed according to the perspective division, department or subsidiary rendering the specified product or service.


The Main purpose of this agreement is to provide our clients with all guidelines, warranties, and liability information related to purchasing from or doing business with the Corporation and/or its subsidiaries.  This is to avoid any misunderstandings and / or discrepancies where it relates to job performance and products & services rendered by the Corporation.


Upon Paying your Deposit, Accepting and / or Signing any Invoice for Products & Services rendered, Client Application, Bid / Contract Proposals, Vendor Registration Form and / or Sales Receipt, all clients and customers agree to the policies and procedures written in this agreement.  


Any additional Contracts, RFP’s, Proposals, and Bids prepared and submitted by the Corporation for services rendered are governed by these policies and procedures unless otherwise stated in the contract(s) or written legal documents.


Under this agreement, the Customer / Client hear by release and fully discharge the MAE Corporation USA, its Officers, contractors, associates, members, artists, designers and representatives from any and all suits, sums of money, judgments, executions, damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (known or unknown).


This Agreement will be governed by the laws in the State of Georgia.  NOTE:  The Content in this Policies and Procedures Agreement is subject to be changed and / or amended without notice.  We will inform current and contractual clients of any amendments once they are implemented.



(for All General Services provided by All Subsidiaries / Divisions and MAE Community Outreach Services – Non Profit Division)

General Pricing for all Business Consulting, Corporate & Entertainment Staffing, Business Administration, Operations Management, Entertainment (Audio & Visual) Productions and / or Design Services come in two parts and is related to 6 demographic categories:

2 Parts:             Flat Rate / Per Hour Rate

6 Categories:     Individuals (General Public)

New Start-Up Businesses (1 Month – 1 Year)

Small Businesses Level 1 (1 to 50 Employees)

Small Businesses Level 2 (50 to 100 Employees)

Medium Businesses (100 to 500 Employees)

Large Businesses (500 Employees and over)

NOTE: All Government Agencies & departments within Government Agencies will fall under the appropriate size of business category above.


Determination of Pricing is based on services rendered, amount of labor incurred and most cost effective solution that’s best for the client.  It is up to the client to provide us with a budget, or notify us if client is on a budget.  This helps eliminate time or research; and helps us to pinpoint the best pricing solution and service options for the client.



A Minimum Deposit or Retainer is REQUIRED before any project or production is implemented.  This is for all customers, clients and vendors desiring to do business with the Corporation or any of it’s Subsidiaries and Divisions. 

The Deposit Amount is either one of the following:

For Flat Rate or Short Term per hour projects:

The total amount for any project totaling $150 and under

or $250 Deposit for all projects over $200 (unless otherwise negotiated by the CEO or any MAE Representative).

For Long Term per Hour projects: A percentage of 20% - 50% of the total amount will be determined based upon the type of project and the suggested consulting price. 

*All deposit amounts required for long-term/contractual projects will be discussed and specified in contractual agreements (this is for long-term New & Small Business contracts and MANDATORY for Medium to Large Corporations).  All Deposit amounts include taxes and surcharges.



If a Production, Consulting Service or Design Project is CANCELLED for any reason after implementation has began, or if the Client is unsatisfied, then the Client will only have to pay for labor charges incurred up to the time of the cancellation.  For Flat Rate projects & Package Deals, the cancellation fee will be the Deposit and the labor amount incurred up to the time of the cancellation (this also includes any taxes and surcharges).  NO REFUNDS for Consulting & Production Services.  Any Products purchased may be returned for exchange or a Credit will be applied.  TAXES & SURCHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


Customer / Client understands that ALL Package Deals are provided at a Special Sales Flat Rate or Discount from the original Per Hour Rate. For Logo Design packages, If there are more than one draft designs presented, customer / client is ONLY allowed to choose ONE DESIGN.  If there's a change of logo/brand request after a prior logo choice has been made from draft designs, there's a $60 Change fee.  If customer / client is not satisfied and wants a completely different design outside of the drafts presented, then the project will fall under the standard per hour rate for services and labor (please refer to our Pricing List for details).



All Balances must be paid in a timely manner in order for all or any Consulting Services, Creative Services, Production Services, and Web Site & Hosting Services to continue without interruption.  After receiving your official Invoice and/or Balance Statement (via E-Mail or Postal Mail), it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that payment is received by the due date.   If payment is not received in a timely fashion, All Services will be temporarily SUSPENDED until balance is paid.  If payment arrangements need to be made, it is up to the Customer / Client to contact the Corporation’s Accounting Department to discuss reasonable options.  A Delinquent Letter or Email will be sent to all customers / clients prior to discontinuation or temporary suspension of services).  If Payment Arrangements are not honored, then all Payment Arrangement Privileges are cancelled, and services will be interrupted. 

Also, a $10 - $20 Late Fee will be incurred each month the amount is past due based on the type of service provided (Late Fee can be waived if payment arrangements are made and honored appropriately).  This fee will be added after the first month the account is delinquent.


All web hosting accounts that are past due will be charged a $10 late fee after the 5th of each month.  If payment is not made by that date, your web hosting account will be temporarily suspended.  If payment is not made after a month from the date of the suspension, then your web hosting account will be deleted and your information on the server will be lost.  You will have to create a new hosting account.  Please read our additional policies for web hosting and domain name registration in our O.K.I.M. Designs Section.


Payment arrangements will be in writing either via Invoice, Balance Statement or on Company Letterhead.  It is the Customers / Clients responsibility to retain copies of arrangements for their records.


Each year, the Corporation will conduct a Yearly Purging Process of our Client Database System.  Any client that has an inactive account with any division of our Corporation will be automatically deleted after 1 year of the date of the contract.  Also, any credits found on these accounts that were not used by December 31 or 1 year from the date of the contract will be forfeited.  All delinquent accounts will be turned over to our collections department for further action.



The MAE Corporation USA is always willing to negotiate and / or resolve any conflicts, misunderstanding and / or discrepancies as it relates to Pricing, Scope of Work, Products and/or Services rendered to Client, within reasonable means.  The Corporation will always remain complaint to the Policies and Procedures within this agreement and additional procedures administered by the Corporation.

NOTE:  The MAE Corporation USA and its Representatives do not engage in any politics or conflicts relating to Client’s Upper Level Management and company policies.  The Corporation is not responsible for anything outside of the products and / or services rendered to the Client.  Also, Client understands that The Corporation and its Representatives are NOT EMPLOYEES of the Client or its Company, but Outsourcing Vendors. Designs (formally MAE Graphics) #1 Most Requested Solution

A Subsidiary of MAE Corporate Solutions Division

All Services provided through O.K.I.M. Designs are under the same General Pricing procedures, Contract Cancellation policies and Minimum Deposit requirements stated previously as it relates to all Creative Services which includes: Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Animation (Flash & Director), Slide Shows, PowerPoint Presentations, Desktop Publishing, Cartoon Animation, Photography, and Visual Illustrations* (Cartoons, Paintings, Drawings etc – these services will also be associated with A-Squared Visual Media).

(*Provided by MAE or registered Outsourcing Vendors, or both)



Corporate Identity Creation is provided through our Flat Rate Packages or Per Hour Rate.  Logo Designs will not start until the initial deposit is paid.  It is the Client’s responsibility to provide any suggestions, ideas and feedback concerning the type of logo that they want during the first free consultation period (which is 1-2 Days). 


Client is also responsible for informing us of any deadlines that they have so that our Design Firm can accommodate. The Design Firm will provide samples for the Client before other Business Stationary is designed.  Client will be contacted or e-mailed once Draft Samples are ready to be viewed.


Clients are responsible for preparing any and all text related information for Brochures, Proposals, Magazines, Flyers, Posters, Web Sites and other Print and Media related items.  Otherwise, our per hour rate fee will be charged and applied for any Administrative Services performed by the Corporation.


All COMMERCIAL PRINTING & MERCHANDISE PRINTING for Design work is always a SEPARATE COST, and is either handled by the Corporation or its Outside Contractors & Vendors.

  • If Printing is performed by the MAE Corporation and there are any errors on the finished product, then the Corporation will remedy the situation either free of charge, or for a discounted fee (whichever the Corporation is able to do at that present moment with the present resources available – the Corporation is not liable for anything due to results of an Act of God or anything that is beyond the Corporation’s control).
  • If Printing is performed or handled by one of our Outside Contractors or Vendors, then all Clients will be bound by the policies and procedures of the selected Vendor(s).  The Corporation is NOT RESPONSIBLE, NOR LIABLE for any errors, mistakes, lost or damages of any printed product handled by Outside Vendors and / or Contractors.
  • A Finders Fee is incurred for all Commercial & Merchandise Printing Transactions handled by the Corporation for the Client.  This fee is included in the total amount (Fees range from $20 - $50 Flat Rate for amounts under $600, and 3 - 6% for amounts over $600).  Finder’s fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.



Clients purchasing Design Services will own a copy of Artwork and/or Design work and have Basic Usage rights* to the Artwork(s) created in the project for the Client AFTER the Full Payment of the Project.   Artwork and copyright ownership are vested in the hands of the Artist(s) of the Corporation unless agreed to in writing.   A Certificate of License for Usage for the work purchased will be given to the client, after Full Payment and the initial project is complete.  Certificates of Ownership will only be given on specific projects where an agreement has been made between the client and the Corporation.  Ownership Licenses does not include Rights to AUTHORSHIP.


Shared Copyright belongs to the Corporation for Authorship purposes only for the protection of Creation and Design Credit rights of the Artist(s) and Designers.  Original Design files will continue to be kept on file for our Design Portfolios, for Company Marketing purposes, and for the needs of updates and additional services requested by the Client.


*Basic Usage rights for the Artwork(s) purchased are limited to the following: Re-Duplication of logos, identities, specific photographs and specific illustrations to T-Shirts, Merchandise, and other Media/Marketing Related materials for marketing purposes; Changes and Updates of text information on Business Stationeries, Flyers, Posters, Brochures and Web Sites; Updates of addresses and contact information on items previously mentioned, and changes in web links for Web Sites.  Whenever Practical, The Client must also provide the Corporation with samples of Re-Duplicated Artwork for the company’s portfolio.


No Original Design works shall be re-worked, re-sold or re-created without the Corporation’s prior consent.  Clients are NOT AUTHORIZED to claim Authorship or take Credit for Creation and/or Design of any Artwork or Design produced by the Corporation, its Artists and its Designers once it is purchased.  The Corporation does not engage in “Work-For-Hire” deals, contracts or agreements that DENY the Artist(s) and Designer(s) their Creative & Artistic rights of Authorship, and in some cases, Ownership.



A Creation Credit for Illustrated Art, Photography and / or Design work will be included on all Printed Design materials and Web Sites that are for the General Public (this is especially for Sponsored, Discounted and / or Collaborative Design Projects; as well as All New Client Projects). 


This credit acknowledgement of Authorship is a REQUIREMENT under the Corporation’s Creative Credit & Acknowledgement Rights Policy to protect the Authorship Rights of the Artist(s) and Designer(s) of the Corporation. 

NOTE:  This Credit may vary on all design work pending on the type of project, the relationship and Contractual agreement between the Corporation and the Client.


Marketing & Media Items where the credit will appear on are limited to the following:

Regular Sized – Custom Large Size Brochures,

Flyers & Posters (Standard Size – Extra Large)

Postcards (Standard – Custom Size)

Newsletters (Printed and E-Mail Styles)

CD, DVD & Cassette Covers and Inserts

Event Programs & Itineraries

Magazine & Book Publications or Book Covers

Specially Designed Business Proposals or Business Plans

Specially Designed Banners - Outdoor or Indoor (Standard & Custom Sizes)

All Web Site Designs & Pages


Examples of Creative Credits are as follows but may vary pending on design project:

Designs By O.K.I.M. Designs-Atlanta, GA / web site or phone # or without

Created By (Artist Name) for O.K.I.M. Designs – Atlanta, GA / web site or phone # or without

Illustrated by (Artist Name) / Graphics By O.K.I.M. Designs – Atlanta, GA / web site or phone # without

Photography by (Artist Name or Company) / Printed by (Company / Vendor Name)

Art Direction: (Artist Name or Company) / Creative Direction: (Artist Name or Company)

Designs Sponsored by O.K.I.M. Designs – Atlanta, GA / web site or phone # or without

Web Site Created and Managed by O.K.I.M. Designs

Web Site Created by (Artist or Company) / Managed & Maintained by (Company)

(All Credits will be in very small font sizes (from 3 pts – 6 pts) so that it will not take away from the original design)

NOTE: All Sponsored Design Projects will include a vendor’s logo, subsidiary and / or company logo along with the Credit.  All Projects for Government or Government Funded Agencies, which are not sponsored or donated*, will only include the Basic Creative Credit as Stated above.

*(This is for any and all Design and/or Artistic works that are Free of Charge and not included in the Scope of work of the Original Proposal, Bid, and/or Client Contract).


All Creative & Artistic rights and laws mentioned above are bound by the U. S. Copyright Act and the Code of Fair Practice for the Visual Communications Industry (established in 1948).



Once the First Stage (Design & Construction Stage) of a Client(s) Web Site is completed, then a choice of a Monthly Maintenance & Update Agreement will be created so that the Client’s web site can stay current and up-to-date while online.  The Monthly Maintenance Agreement can include a range of services for a set hourly rate or flat rate per month.  Services that can be included are as follows:

Monthly page updates,

Web information and File uploads,

E-mail marketing (newsletter)

Basic Web Administration, and

other technical support related to online services.


Java, Flash (Web Animation) E-Commerce, and HTML Coding is included in our Advanced Web Site Services along with the Monthly Maintenance & Update Agreement Services associated with the specified project.

(The Monthly Maintenance Agreement is only for those who do not have their own Webmaster.  For those who have their own webmaster, they will receive all proper documentation and passwords related to accessing their web site, as well all web hosting related information once the balance of the project is PAID IN FULL).


If Client has purchased Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration from another provider, then the Client must supply all necessary User Name & Password information to our Designers in order to expedite the project and upload all web page files to the Server on their Hosting Account.  NOTE: Having your own Web Hosting Service Provider does not guarantee a discount on services, nor decrease your balance owed to the Corporation or its divisions / subsidiaries.  All pricing related to our Flat Rate Design Packages are to cover all Technical, Administrative and Design cost associated with the project.


All Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration for our Web Design Services are provided via our Outside Outsource Consultants, Collaborating Partners, or Small Business Contractors.  The Corporation is neither RESPONSIBLE nor LIABLE for any damages, technicalities, site interruptions, server issues, or virus issues as it relates to Web Hosting Services.  Client understands that the Corporation is INCLUDING Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration as a COURTESY.  Any problems relating to Web Hosting & Domain Registration is handled by and is the responsibility of our Outsourcers. Entertainment, Inc. (Includes Rev Productions, MAE Records, and A-Squared Visual Media):

All Services provided through MAE Entertainment, Inc. (Its Divisions and Subsidiaries) are under the same General Pricing procedures, Contract Cancellation policies and Minimum Deposit requirements stated previously as it relates to Audio/Music Productions, Visual/Video Productions (Which includes Digital Animation, Book Publications, Visual & Virtual Commercials, Multimedia Productions and TV/Motion Picture Productions), DJ Services*, Photography*, Entertainment Management Consulting and Artistic Illustrations* (Cartoons, Paintings, etc – can also be associated with O.K.I.M. Designs).

(*Provided by MAE or registered Outsourcing Vendors, or both)


Entertainment Performances/Appearances will be governed under our General Performance Contracts, as well as all other services that fall under our Music & Entertainment Business Management subsidiaries (such as Recording/Record Company Contracts, Distribution Deals, Production Company Contracts, Music & Book Publishing Contracts, Copyright Registrations for Artistic & Visual Works, Artists or Actors/Managers Contracts, etc.).


NOTE:  All Minimum Deposits for Entertainment Performances are to be made 3 days – 2 weeks prior to actual performance date.  If for reasons beyond control, an Entertainer or Pubic Speaker / Lecturer of MAE Entertainment (its division or subsidiaries) or MAE Community Outreach (provider of our Public Speaking and Lecturing) can not make the performance date, Client will receive a FULL REFUND of the minimum deposit within 3 – 10 Business Days of the actual cancellation. The same applies if the Client cancels a show or event and notifies the Corporation within 3 days – 2 weeks prior. Technology Solutions (AKA The CHAT Institute (Computer Hardware & Applications Technology – IT Division)

All Services provided through the CHAT Institute are under the same General Pricing procedures, Contract Cancellation policies and Minimum Deposit requirements stated previously as it relates to IT Consulting & Support, Upgrades & Installation, Lab Construction & Maintenance, Network Configuration and IT Training.


All Products (Hardware & Software) sold from the CHAT Institute are under Product Manufacturer Warranties and Policies.  CHAT-I is only responsible for Current Product Information and the Suggested Retail Price or Discounted Sale or Clearance Price.  All orders purchased from our online store are AS IS - No Exchanges or Refunds.  All products from our online store are shipped from the Product Manufacturer or one of our Authorized Distribution Contractors.  The Corporation is not responsible for any damages or defects due to Shipping & Handling of product(s).


All Laptop defects can be repaired and fixed by the Manufacturer’s Recommended Certified Tech Specialist (a list of local and / or national tech specialist will be given to the customer at the time of purchase).  All Custom-Built Desktop and Server defects are under the CHAT Institute’s Certified Guarantee Warranty (which comes with Tech Support, Repair and Fixes) for an Additional Price.


For Local Customers (via our Physical Retail Store), Exchanges can be made on all Software products (either due to defects and / or just for regular exchange), and on certain Hardware products that don’t carry their own warranties within 30 Days of the date of purchase.  All Laptop and Desktop computers and other Hardware that carry their own warranties can only be exchanged if the customer decides within 30 Days that he/she wants a different brand. 


*CHAT-I also provides a Lease-To-Buy program for those with Good – Bad Credit or no credit at all.  All interested customers must fill out a Lease-To-Buy Credit Application.  Upon approval, the customer must be prepared to pay a minimum deposit of between 20% - 50% of the total amount before acquiring selected hardware product(s).  Customers who desire to cancel their lease agreement must do so within 30 Days.


Monthly payments must be made on the date specified on the Balance Statement or Invoice.  There’s a $30 late charge applied to all balances that are delinquent 15 days after the due date.  Once a balance is delinquent for 3 months, the Customer must return the hardware product(s) to the shop or office immediately within 10 Days of their final notice.  If the hardware products are not returned within 10 days, then the product(s) will be reported to the authorities as stolen. 


If the customer does not have reliable transportation to return the product(s), arrangements can be made for a CHAT Consultant to come and pick up the product(s) at a time the customer specifies.  All software and accessories that came with the hardware are to be returned along with the actual hardware.  It is up to the customer to make sure that they are available on the date of the pick-up so that all reports to authorities can be avoided.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure that he/she creates back-up disks for all documents and files created and saved on the hard drive(s) of Desktop, Laptop, and Server computers so that their important information will not be lost.


When the customer is able to bring their account up to date, and if the customer desires to stay in the program, CHAT-I will start the lease program from where they left off and return the product(s).  In order to be eligible for re-start of the lease program, the customer must contact office within 6 months from the date of the pick-up or cancellation of the lease agreement.  After 6 months, the customer will have to start over and re-apply for approval.

*The CHAT-I Lease-To-Buy Program is only for Local Customers and provided through Local Stores or Chains.  All customers out-of-state or country may purchase via our web site or catalog with a major credit card or with a check or money order.



Equipment Rental Services is available for all clients in need of Technology items for Special Events, Conferences/Conventions, and/or Training Seminars or Classes.  Clients are responsible for any and all Damages to Equipment while in their possession.  Clients may also request and hire Tech Monitors to ensure safety of rented equipment while in use for the public (Labor Charges will apply). 


All equipment must be returned by deadline date to avoid late fees. If the products are not returned within 10 days, then the product(s) will be reported to the authorities as stolen.

(Long-Term Rentals will fall under the same policies as our CHAT-I Lease-To-Buy Program)



MAE Community Outreach Services, Inc. – Non-Profit Division (Consulting Services):

All Services provided through MAE Community Outreach Services (Our Non-Profit Division-Its Divisions and Subsidiaries) are under the same General Pricing & Business procedures, Contract Cancellation policies and Minimum Deposit requirements stated previously as it relates to Resident Management Consulting, Technical Support, Project/Program Management and Community Services Consulting.



All Vendors desiring to barter services with the MAE Corporation USA and / or its subsidiaries & divisions are encourage to set up a meeting with the Founder (CEO) and / or MAE Representatives to discuss service exchanges that are beneficial to the stability, continued progress and success of both businesses.  A Barter Agreement contract will be signed stating the service exchange and the actual cost value of service, which will match dollar for dollar for the services given or rendered.  Also, the length (time) of the agreement will be based on either quarterly, semi-annually or annually and can be cancelled at any time with a written notice or a meeting with the parties involved during the agreement period (All parties are required to notify each other 30 days in advance of any cancellations).



All Professional Individuals or Businesses desiring to Collaborate (which could be in the title of Co-Producer, Associate or Assistant Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Assistant Director/Coordinator, etc..) on Events, Special Projects, Programs or Productions created by the MAE Corporation USA and / or its subsidiaries & divisions; are encouraged to schedule a Business Meeting with the Founder (CEO) and / or related Project Representatives. The overall agenda of the initial meeting will be to discuss and finalized what products, services, and/or monetary contributions the inquiring Individual or Business who like to bring to the related project.  A Collaboration contract will be signed stating the service, product and monetary amount agreed upon for related project, title or position in the project, and final compensation (percentage) amount for service and product provided, as well as detailed collaboration involvement. 

NOTE:  All monies for collaborators will not be paid until the end of the related project and all upfront expenses for project implementation has been paid.  Pending on the number of collaborators involved, compensation percentages range from 5% - 50%.

The length of the agreement will be from the time of project conception (or the date collaborative agreement is signed) till the time of implementation and manifestation.

Collaboration Agreements can be cancelled at any time with either a written notice or a scheduled meeting with the parties involved during the agreement period.  All cancellations for Collaborations must be done either 30 days in advance during the project period, or 1-2 months before the actual scheduled date of the project.

By canceling your involvement in the project, participant automatically forfeit all benefits related to the agreement (which also means there will be no final compensation or percentages awarded after project is implemented).  Participant will only receive Acknowledgement Credit for work and time invested prior to the time of cancellation, and will also be listed as an Official Sponsor of the project (As a Sponsor, participant will receive all the benefits related to the specific sponsorship level-this will be determined by the amount of resources given to the project).



All Professional Individuals or Businesses desiring to become a Sponsor or seek Sponsorship from the MAE Corporation USA and / or its subsidiaries & divisions are encouraged to fill out a Sponsorship Request Form or a Sponsorship Inquiry Form.  Sponsorships are Per Event and Times frames are One-Time Sponsorship, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual. 

*A Special Marketing Sponsorship Program is also available for New & Small Businesses or Companies with a New Product, Event, Service or Idea for the public.  All interested parties must inquire for additional information.


For Those Seeking Sponsorship:

Sponsorship Request takes about 1-3 weeks for approval (pending on work load) and is on a first come-first served basis.  We provide Monetary Sponsorship, Service-Level Sponsorship or Both.  If approved for Sponsorship, Recipient agrees to provide Marketing & Advertising Exposure in exchange for Sponsorship.  Approvals are based on Current Budget, Resources Available, Type of Event or Project and Entities (Individuals or Companies) involved.


For Those Seeking to Become Sponsors:

Sponsorship Inquiry Forms must be sent to our office by deadline date of the selected event or project. Also, Sponsorship levels are determined by type of project or event, size of project or event and benefits offered from each event (such as Marketing / Advertising exposure, VIP Access & Treatment, etc…).


Services Included for Sponsorship Program (subject to change):

Entertainment Management Consulting

Disc Jockey Services* (Based on Current Budget and Resources available)

Special Events Management*

Marketing / Advertising Consulting

Street Promotions / Public Relations*

Graphic Design*

Web Design* (Hosting & Maintenance are based on Current Budget are resources available)

Information Technology Consulting*

Technology Equipment Rental* (Based on Current Budget and Resources available)

Entrepreneurial Consulting

Business Administration

Executive/Operations Management


*Services are also performed by our Outsourcing Vendors and Partners.



The Sponsorship Program is created and designed for businesses that are in need of special enhanced promotions and marketing support for their new or current product, service, event, program or business.  In order to be eligible for selection in this Program, you must be either a current client of the Corporation, a past client under the former parent company (MAE & Associates, Inc.), or a Current member of the MAE Corporate Network (Business Network Club).


Our premiere Marketing Sponsorship Program includes a generous amount of services from the Corporation, its Divisions and Subsidiaries and / or registered Vendors of the program.  Participants are selected based upon the business or businesses involved, the project (product, service or event), and the marketing and advertising exposure and opportunities from the project. Only 10 Business are selected per year, with the exception of those registered in our Yearly Program option (Details are described below). 


Services provided for the programs are selected services and products sponsored by a Vendor Member and / or the following MAE Corporation Division and / or Subsidiaries:

O.K.I.M. Designs

(Graphic & Web Design Services, Creative Direction, Advanced Commercial Printing* and Marketing Consulting)

MAE Entertainment & A-Squared Visual Media

(Entertainment Event Consulting, Illustration and Virtual Commercials*)

MAE Corporate Services

(Business Administration, Business/Entrepreneurial Consulting, MAE Corporate Network Membership)

 (*Varied pending on Vendor or availability of Resources)



Businesses, Contractors, Established Freelance Artists, and Independent Consultants desiring to do business or provide services to the MAE Corporation USA and / or its subsidiaries & divisions, or assist us with providing services to our clientele, are encouraged to register as an Official Service Provider or Vendor of the Corporation.  Interested parties must fill out our Vendors/Contractors Registration Form online via our web site.  Vendors are selected based on the following criteria:

Affordable Pricing (Current Rates)

Quality of Services Provided

Level of Professionalism & Expertise

Service Industry (Type of Business)


Contracts & Sub-Contracting Opportunities are awarded based on first come-first served bases.


Businesses who’s Rates(or Pricing) fit our Current Rates will be selected to participate as a Vendor in our Customer Package Deals (through our One-Stop-Shop Marketing Program) designed for selected clientele. 


All Vendors who have 1 or more Outsourcing Opportunities with us will become an Official Vendor of the Corporation, and will have Marketing Exposure (web site link and info) on our Vendors & Outsourcers Page of our web site.


Also, any Vendor who brings Business to our Corporation (by way of Marketing or Referrals), will receive your choice of a Marketing commission per customer (after initial deposit and implementation of client contract or transaction), or Credit towards any product or service offered by the Corporation (Credit Value will equal the amount of Actual Commission Percentage per client or customer referral).


Once a Client’s Contract has been processed, the referring Vendor will be contacted via e-mail or by phone.  If contacted via e-mail, Vendor has 1 week to notify the Corporation of it’s decision to either receive a referral (commission) check or receive purchasing credit toward any product or service offered by the corporation.  If the Vendor doesn’t make contact within a week, then your commission will automatically go towards your purchasing credit for products or services offered by the Corporation.


EXPO / EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION (For Events, Conventions, Seminars, etc…):

Expo Set- Up hours are always either the evening before the start of event or 2-4 hours before the start of the event.*

All Expo booths must be ready for viewing 15 – 20 minutes before start time of event.*

Logos for Banner Advertisements must be submitted with Sponsorship payment at least 1-3 weeks prior to event.+

All request for additional space or electrical requirements must be done 2 -4 weeks prior to the event.  All additional requirements will incur extra charges.+

All Business Representatives must be at least 18 years of age or older (with the exception of all Youth participating in Career or Entrepreneurial Training / 12 - 17 years of age).

Payment for Sponsorships and Exhibits will be accepted in the forms of check, money order, or credit card.  Cash will only be accepted on-site on the day of the event.

All checks and money orders are to be made payable to The MAE Corporation USA.  For Fund Raisers, checks are to be made payable to MAE Community Outreach Services, Inc.

All credit card payments can be made via our web site at , by going to our Home Page and clicking on our Payment / Order Form.  We except Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

*(pending on the event and location scheduled)

+(Submission times and dates may be sooner pending on type of event and the capacity of the event) 


The MAE Corporation USA assumes no responsibility for any acts of God, loss or damages of equipment occurred during the event, and therefore shall not be held liable for any loss, damages or stolen goods provided by the exhibitor.


© 2003 – 2007 / Legal Affairs Department – The MAE Corporation USA / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

Amendments - December 2004 / March 2005 / January 1, 2006 / April 2, 2007